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Offsite Events

At Hello! Florida Destination Management our clients expect more than “sourcing” and turning the responsibility of an event over to the venue. Identifying venue options that meet a client’s basic objectives is crucial, but knowing which one can be molded into the finest option requires deeper investigation and a real working knowledge of each venue. As one of the largest users of event venues in our market (and often the biggest venues), we experience each venue’s traits and benefits, as well as their weaknesses, on a regular basis. And our expertise is present from planning through execution to ensure the success of each event.

Hello! Florida Destination Management knows if a venue has subcontractors or required vendors that will be rendering services. The question is, are they the best or only choice? Do time restrictions, noise ordinances, or lighting restrictions impact the venue’s ability to accommodate an event’s changing needs? Can the vehicle loading and unloading areas accommodate the client’s desired arrival pattern? Is the “extraordinary menu” proven, or new and risky. And what about the EVP’s comments…can he really address the crowd effectively from that perch using the existing sound system?

At Hello! Florida Destination Management we know the answers to these questions and many more. Our expertise ensures flawless execution.